Virtual Giving Tree - For Those Who Can GIVE

Campton Hills Residents, 

Please complete the Virtual Giving Tree form below if you are able to GIVE this year. This year has presented unimaginable circumstances and financial barriers for many families in our Community. If you are able to buy gifts for others this year, we will match you with a family that would greatly appreciate your help.  

 The form below is completely confidential, and will only be received by the Campton Hills Chief of Police. He will then use this form to be match you with an individual/family who is in need. You will not be provided last name(s), address, phone number, or email for the family you are matched with. Instead, you will ONLY receive relevant information needed to buy gifts, (gender(s), size(s), age(s), type of gift(s) requested.

Again, at the Village we realize it takes a Village, your generosity to help others this Holiday season is valued immensely! If you have any questions/concerns, please contact Chief of Police, Steven Millar, at  630-584-4242.

Gifts MUST be provided to the Campton Hills Police Department by Saturday, December 12th, 2020, to ensure all families in need who have been matched, are taken care of.  

As a Community, we are lucky to have so many people who are generous, and able to give. IF there is an excess of families able to give, compared to those in need, the Chief will be in contact to let you know how you can help further (i.e. grocery store, gas, or restaurant gift cards that can be provided to families in need). Again, thank you for signing up to GIVE.