Too Good for Drugs

The Campton Hills Police Department is proud to partner with St. Charles School District 303 and their two elementary schools within Campton Hills, Bell Graham and Wasco Elementary, to provide the Too Good For Drugs Program.

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About the Program
The Campton Hills Police Department is committed to prevention of drug abuse as a primary public service that we provide. As part of that service, a Campton Hills Police Officer is trained in providing the “Too Good for Drugs” curriculum to 5th-grade students. This 10-week program encompasses the effects of drug abuse and aids students in making informed decisions when confronted by peers to use drugs.

The officer leads the 5th graders, class by class, through a drug awareness program developed by the Mendez Foundation. At the conclusion of the program, the students receive a certificate at an awards ceremony and will be posted on the website. drug awareness program. This program is designed to reduce the risk of students becoming involved with alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.