Alice Training

The Campton Hills Police Department is pleased to offer ALICE Training to the community. The police department has two officers who have completed extensive training to become certified ALICE Instructors. 

ALICE is a proactive, options-based plan for civilian response to a Violent Critical Incident. ALICE authorizes and empowers individuals to utilize human action, building infrastructure, and communication options to increase their chances of survival. ALICE is an acronym, which stands for: Alert, Lock Down, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.  

The Mission is simple. Save More Lives!

ALICE uses a universal teaching approach and can be implemented in all types of environments, including schools, places of worship, businesses and government facilities. ALICE can be tailored for all age groups, ranging from children to seniors. ALICE uses a combination of classroom learning and hands on scenario-based training taught by certified instructors. 

For additional information, or to schedule an ALICE Training class please contact Police Cheif James Levand at 630-524-6262 or