Tradition Continues as Village Officials Sworn In

Retired Judge Edward Schreiber officiated at the swearing in ceremony of the new Village President Barbara Wojnicki, Trustee Janet Burson, Trustee Nick Boatner and Clerk Tracy Johnson at the May 2, 2023 village board meeting.

The Village tradition continued when outgoing Village President Tyrrell called the meeting to order and completed business. Outgoing Board members were recognized for their accomplishments and many years of service to the community. Charles Cappell served as a Trustee from 2007 – April 2008 and 2021 – 2023. Susan George served as the Trustee from 2008 – 2023, Wendy White Eagle served as Trustee from 2018 – 2023, and Michael Tyrrell served as Trustee in 2019 and President from 2019 to 2023.

After a short recess with cake and coffee, the new Village Board went to work addressing a number of issues. Best wishes to all!