PSA From MC Squared Energy Services, LLC.

MC Squared Energy Services, LLC (MC2) is alerting you that we have been notified of several recent instances whereby residents have called our toll-free Customer Care telephone number inquiring if MC2 representatives are going door-to-door; trying to determine whether this solicitation is a potential scam.

It appears that there may be an uptick in door-to-door energy sales activity within our various Municipal Aggregation program communities.  Unfortunately, these door-to-door solicitors are representing themselves as MC2 personnel, according to the residents who have called, and we have informed them that this is most likely a scam that may result in the resident being enrolled or slammed without their knowledge.  Therefore, residents should not provide any confidential information to these people and terminate the conversation immediately.

The fact that we serve your community through an Electric Municipal Aggregation program is public information available to anyone on the Illinois Commerce Commission website. This is how we believe these nefarious door-to-door marketing firms are aware to use MC2’s name as a means of getting the homeowner to answer the door.  We want to reiterate and assure you that MC2 does not do any door-to-door sales or telephonic sales outreach efforts.  We wanted to bring this to your attention should you get any questions from your residents as well.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

MC Squared Energy Services, LLC.

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