Message from the Police Chief

To the Campton Hills Community:

On behalf of the men and women of the Campton Hills Police Department I would like to say “Thank You” to all in this gracious community who have shown such tremendous support to us in recent weeks. The gestures of gratitude and acts of kindness have been overwhelming. These gestures included individuals and businesses providing dinners, pizzas, baked goods, coffee, and individual goody bags for the officers. Residents visited Police Officers to say thank you. Most touching was the sheer number of citizens who tried to pick up tabs for officers or just took the time to say, “thank you for your service.” Others sent cards, posters, or e-mails to the station.

At a time that our nation is saddened with the unprecedented number of police and citizen deaths, Campton Hills residents have raised their voices of support. It has been heartwarming and humbling; it certainly has raised the spirits of our officers.

Thank you for recognizing the humanity behind the badge. Your police officers go out every day and, often at great risk to themselves, they provide a valuable service to this community. They want to make a difference. They love their families and they want to go home to them at the end of their watch. They are grateful for your support, and they want to provide you with the best service that they can.

We want you to know that we recognize that this is a time for thoughtful reflection; we are reviewing our policies and procedures and having those tough discussions internally. We want to expand our outreach in the community so that we can listen to what you have to say. We are determined that every person in Campton Hills will feel valued and protected. We can only come to understanding through frequent, open, and honest discussions. The more that we interact the more we will get to know and see each other.

Please continue to keep my officers and our community in your prayers as we navigate these difficult times so that we can all find peace and tranquility. We are all in this together.


Steven Millar – Chief of Police