Liberian Children’s Mission

Help Liberia

The holidays are the time of the year that we are reminded of the many people in need.  Not just those here in our country but also worldwide.   This year the Village was approached by a resident, who is a member of the Lord of Life Church, with a request to have a book drop box placed in the Village Hall/Police Department lobby. This book drop box supports the Liberian Children’s Ministry by collecting new and used pre-school thru middle school text books, story books, dictionaries, English and math books.

Libera is a small country on the west coast of Africa.  In 2004 Joe Boway was commissioned as a missionary to the people of Libera by the New Life Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Joe was born in Liberia and came to the US in 1990 due to civil unrest in Liberia.    After his missionary commission Joe began collecting money to send back to to support Liberian schools.  Today Joe’s ministry has greatly expanded to include a number of local drop boxes that include:

  • Campton Hills Village Hall/Police Department, 40W270 LaFox Road, Campton Hills, IL;
  • Autumn Green Veterinary Hospital, 39 W 124 Keslinger Rd, Geneva, IL;
  • Fox Valley Physical Therapy, 3381 West Main Street, Suite 1, St. Charles, IL
  • Messenger  Public Library,  113 Oak Street, North Aurora, IL ;  and
  • Bookhunters New and Used Books, 1938 Fabyan Pkwy, Batavia, IL.


To learn more about the Liberian Children’s Mission email Joe at  If you want to contribute feel free to use the drop off box in the Village Hall/Police Department lobby during regular business hours.