Illinois Department of Employment Services SCAM ALERT

The Campton Hills Police Department is warning residents of an Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) scam. Our office has recently received several reports of fraudulently filed unemployment benefits. IDES is advising Illinois residents to be on alert for the following signs of unemployment fraud: •You receive a debit card or an unemployment insurance letter (UI Finding) and have not filed a claim for benefits.•You are notified by your employer that a claim for benefits has been filed when you have not been separated from employment.•You attempt to file a claim online and one already exists.•You receive IRS correspondence regarding unreported UI benefits.•You receive notice of a State or Federal tax offset. If you are the victim of an unemployment scam, we urge you to act quickly and report it to IDES Benefit Payment Control Division at (800) 814-0513. In such cases where a debit card is received, IDES advises victims to NOT activate the card or contact the issuing bank, KeyBank. Victims should destroy the card and again, report the fraudulent activity as quickly as possible. In addition, victims should review their credit reports for other possible fraudulent activity.  For more information, please visit We have also included the Illinois Comptroller’s Top Ten Tips to Prevent Identity Theft and other important contacts and resources information.