Emergency Volunteers Training

Interested in learning about Emergency Preparedness?

Train to be an Outreach Volunteer!

An outreach volunteer is primarily responsible for spreading and disseminating information about emergency preparedness, so that all of our residents know how to prepare for emergencies. However, outreach volunteers may also have the opportunity to volunteer for emergency response if they choose.

A large number of the Village’s outreach volunteers were trained at the first-ever Safety Fair held by the Village in June 2014. The remaining volunteers can be trained by viewing all three parts of the recorded webinar below and reviewing the emergency preparedness materials contained on this webpage. 

Webinar Training

Following the completion of the below videos, please complete the short Outreach Volunteer Survey and return to the Village. The purpose of this survey is to identify which volunteer tasks suit your interests, and to acquire your feedback.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3