Electric Aggregation: ComEd Service

Why has my account service recently been returned to ComEd service?

Every year, MC Squared Energy Services reviews each resident’s electric account to determine how ComEd Transmission Services costs will impact the Village Electric Aggregation Program. As a result of this recent account analysis, MC Squared Energy Services concluded the best option for your account is a return to ComEd’s tariff-based supply service. You will pay the same electricity supply rates whether your account is on ComEd’s tariff-based supply service or MC Squared Energy’s supply service. Under the Village’s Aggregation program, MC Squared Energy Services will annually review and select the best supply service for the eligible accounts under the program.

Please note that MC Squared Energy Services’ annual electric account evaluation does not discriminate in any manner other than the assessing the previous 12-month usage pattern. MC Squared Energy Services would like to directly serve every Village account, but current market prices make this option uneconomical. The Village benefits from this process since it will maximize the annual Civic Contribution MC Squared provides the Village.

The Village of Campton Hills Electric Aggregation ensures that the power supply cost for participating residential and small business customers is the same as the monthly ComEd monthly published tariff-based rates while providing the Village an annual Civic Contribution paid by MC Squared Energy Services at no additional cost to the residents or the Village.

For more information regarding the Village of Campton Hills Electric Aggregation program, you may contact the Village’s Energy Consultant — Jim Belden at 630-915-1970 or jbelden@beldenenergy.com.