Car Burglars Alert – Campton Hills & Surrounding Area

Campton Hills (as well as several surrounding communities) were hit again early this morning. Once again, they are ONLY hitting UNLOCKED vehicles.

Steps you should take: PLEASE lock your car doors. Remove Valuables and your Garage Door Openers from your vehicles. Also, make sure your garage doors are closed. Make sure that ALL of your external doors are locked. If you have external lights, keep them on. We have a video of 3 cars stopping in front of residents and letting passengers out who then run from driveway to driveway looking for unlocked cars. Please check your security footage and let us know if you caught anything suspicious this morning –they were on James Michener Drive around 5:00 AM. Please call Non-emergency dispatch number – 630-232-8400 ASAP if you see anything suspicious.

Steven Millar
Chief of Police