About the Village of Campton Hills

Mission Statement

Entrusted by its citizens, the Village of Campton Hills is dedicated to delivering municipal services in the most responsive, cost effective and efficient/proficient manner. Campton Hills is committed to upholding high quality of life standards by supporting its school districts, maintaining family values and agriculture traditions, preserving natural resources, encouraging environmental stewardship, supporting passive and active recreational opportunities, honoring rural heritage and generating a strong business foundation for present and future residents and visitors.

Vision Statement

Residents of the Village of Campton Hills wish to maintain the semi-rural quality of their environment and its associated lifestyle. They wish to control their own destiny, act so that property values increase over time at a greater rate than market averages, and ensure the continued excellence of the schools that educate their children.

The Village of Campton Hills will be an aesthetically appealing, fiscally viable, family-oriented community striving to provide excellent educational, social, recreational, and cultural opportunities. The Village will foster a strong residential and business community, with concern for ecological stewardship while cooperating with other governmental bodies and agencies. Campton Hills will also work with area school districts to provide an exceptional education for their children. Campton Hills will strive to be an inviting and safe community that provides for the quality of life needs of its residents while preserving its character and heritage.