Village News

New Trustee Swearing in

Welcome-New Village Trustee

On December 7, 2021, Charles Cappell was sworn in to replace Darlene Bakk, as a village trustee. Trustee Cappell is not new to village service. He was part of the leadership team that incorporated the village in 2007 and then served as a village trustee. He was instrumental in organizing

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(From L to R) Village President Mike Tyrrell and Dottie Anderson

I Remember Wasco – Book

One of Campton Township’s own, Dolores (Dolly) Anderson recently finished writing her book, “I Remember Wasco“. Not only does it describe the history of Wasco, but it also answers the frequently asked question…..Where is Wasco? Sadly, Dolly passed away on December 10, 2021. Many readers may know Dolly who was

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Help Liberia

Liberian Children’s Mission

The holidays are the time of the year that we are reminded of the many people in need.  Not just those here in our country but also worldwide.   This year the Village was approached by a resident, who is a member of the Lord of Life Church, with a request

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